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gsm transmitter and receiver with gprs modem rs232

Computer & Accessory
gsm transmitter and receiver with gprs modem rs232


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Computer & Accessory  -  Modems

Offer Post Time: 2013-04-10

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Model: KB3020


Carriage: FOB China


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Detailed Product Description

gprs modem rs232
1:plug and play solution
2:gsm transmitter and receiver
3:rs232/rs485 to gprs
4:PLC switch ON/OFF



KB3020 GPRS DTU is used in electric power automatic system, industry monitoring, traffic management, atmosphere, pro-environment, pipe network monitoring, finance, securities departments and so on. Consider the networking request from different application scope, achieve Virtual data private network in network structure. It is applicable to small and medium data transmitting of the Center to multi-points, multi-points scatter.

2: Product Features

Build-in procotol  
  Support TCP, UDP network protocol;
  RS232/RS485 to TCP/IP protocol convert steady, build-in maturity and perfect TCP/IP protocol stack;
  DDP, protocol, ensuring the data channel reliability
  Steady and reliable network platform of Data transmition, powerful Server software and client software
  Unlimited for transmission range,  Can realize two or more points communication which the place connect with Internet all over the world;  
  "Plug and Play" solution can realize internet data tranmistion from COM to COM; 
  Suit for LAN, VPN etc. Intranet data transmintion;
  Hearbeat function for addressing and reliable data transmition
  Through internal communication portocol, powerful Data error correction function; 
  High real-time of data tranmition, buffer:16K, Data delay in very short time. 
  Transmition based on Internet/Local network
  Always online: automatic online, automatic redial and keep-alive while the line
  Self-define re-connecting interval and online report interval
  Supports static data service center
Industrial design  
  Independent research and development, Unique functions for Internet data tranmistion of products;
  Industrial class design and components to meet harsh environmental requirements;
  Optimized EMC anti-jamming design, strong adaptiveness;
  Wide range Baud rate:300~115200bps
  Wide range temperature -30~ 80 °C
  Supports configuration by network
  Zone manage and communication;
  Adjustable Heartbeat interval and timeout
  Flexible data link modes for varied applications 


3. Specifications


  10M/100M Ethernet interface
    • Type: TTL/RS-232/RS-485
    • Connector:4.0mm pluggable terminal block
    • Configuration interface: RJ45
  Power supply: 5V~12V DC
  Average working electric current: <60mA
  Power consumption: <500mW
  Mechanical: 95x65x26 mm 
  Weight: 200g
  Operation temperature: -30°C~+80°C
  Store temperature: -40°C~+85°C

 3:plug and play

KB3020 - Appserver

 KB3020Work with KB3020

KB3020 - KB3020

KB3020 and KB2000

KB2000 - KB3020