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HOT!!GPRS SMS Modem-wireless data transmit

Computer & Accessory
HOT!!GPRS SMS Modem-wireless data transmit


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Offer Category: Computer & Accessory  -  Modems

Offer Post Time: 2013-04-10

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Model: KB3022




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Detailed Product Description

gprs sms modem
1 wireless data communicator
2 Frequency:850/900/1800/1900MHz
3 wireless data transmit
4 plug and play(new


HOT!!GPRS SMS Modem-wireless data communicator

1. Overview

    KB3022 GPRS MODEM is a terminal which embedded industrial class GPRS Module based on the 2.5G Mobile SMS platform, Standard industrial design, support GPRS network, transmit data by SMS(transmission form: HEX, ASCII, UCS2.) and so on. Supply RS232, RS485, TTL interface (User need to clarify the interface information before place order), connect with device directly to achieve wireless connect net and wireless data transmission. 

    KB3022 GPRS MODEM is used in electric power automatic system, industry monitoring, traffic management, atmosphere, POS, vending machine, Mobile Banking, pro-environment, pipe network monitoring, finance, securities departments and so on. Especially suit for the situation which have no condition to connect with Internet in remote mountain. To meet the networking request of all kinds of applications, KB3022 support flexible network plan. It is applicable to small and medium data transmitting of the Center to multi-points, multi-points scatter.  

 2. Product Features

Build-in procotol  
  Embedded PPP, TCP/IP,UDP/IP stack
  Built-in Chinese or English configuration tool
  DDP, protocol, ensuring the data channel reliability
  Kingbird AT+ protocol, satisfying the customized applications
  Kingbird SMS sender software
  Frequency: 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz, can be suit for every country all over the world (Including North Amercia and South America);
  Advanced and strict data communication protocol, with the function of correction and encryption. Never lose package when data transmission.
  Support very large  SMS message package, one message package can be 1024bytes;
  Supports peer to peer, center to multi-point,  multi-point to  multi-point data transmission
  Supply Modem work status interface, user can estimate Modem’s work status anytime
  SMS format support three types: HEX, ASCII and UCS2(Unicode);
Industrial design  
  Independent research and developing, embedded 32 bit ARM7-CPU with real-time operating system.
  Standard industrial products, EMC anti-jamming design, strong adaptiveness.
  Industrial class design and components to meet harsh environmental requirements 
  Interface: RS232,RS485, TTL(5V), CMOS(3.3V);
  The latest Plug and play
  Wide range power input
  Industrial class pluggable terminal block
  Standard antenna and SIM interface
  Working temperature range: -40°C-80°C, communication is not effected at -40°C
  Smart power management
  Support two work modes: SMS Modem and Modem;
  SMS Modem: Type A protocol and Type B Protocol, A can network with A and B;
  Online control interface with the connected device
  Adjustable Heartbeat interval and timeout
  Flexible data link modes for varied applications 
  Support hardware and software Watch Dog Timer
  Powerful data service center testing tool
  Reliable, flexible, easy to use and management


3  Specifications

  GPRS Module: M10
  Supports GSM/GPRS
  Supports GSM850MHz/EGSM900MHz/DCS1800MHz/PCS1900MHz
  GPRS Class 12
  Code Scheme: CS1 - CS4
  Antenna: 50Ω/SMA-K(Female)
  SIM: standard user card interface (3V)
   Serial data interface
    • Type: TTL/RS-232/RS-485
    • baud rate: Standard products 300~115200bps (defult 9600bps, Adjustable)
  Power supply: 5V~24V DC
  Power Standby: < 50mA@5V
  Power Communicating: < 200mA@5V
  Power Launched peak: 1.5A@5V
  Mechanical: 82x59x25.2 mm (not including antenna and mounting kits)
  Weight: 170g
  Operation temperature: -40°C~+80°C
  Store temperature: -45°C~+125°C
  Relative humidity: 20%~95% non-condensing